“Illumaware has the best data-authoring tool I've seen in the industry. Evokat impressed me during the demo and continues to do so today.”

“It is rare to find a business partner that far exceeds expectations in both product quality and service. Illumaware is truly one company that accomplished this. The Evokat system is fast and easy to use online. It was designed extremely well with clear logic and organization in mind. All aspects of managing car parts are handled with Evokat, from creating parts through the process of generating ACES and PIES files that are ready to be released to the market. The Evokat system is a model in the industry and could be used in a Car Parts Mapping for Dummies book! It is simple, yet thorough and complete. Valeo is very impressed with this tool. On the service side, Illumaware is equally strong. The entire team is helpful, responsive and professional. Each team member fits their role perfectly. There is consistent follow up from the Account Manager and wonderful training and knowledge sharing from their software experts. The Illumaware team is also fast! They helped us launch a product line in their system much quicker than we thought was possible. In summary, the team is well versed on their product and communicates things well. Illumaware is a fantastic business partner and a key to Valeo competing in the Aftermarket. ”

“We’ve noticed a measurable increase in our sales after we began managing our ACES and PIES data in Evokat.”

“Illumaware has exceeded all of my expectations. We didn’t fully comprehend what we were getting into when we started the process of mapping our data into ACES, which is why having your company’s support has been so beneficial. We are starting to leverage Evokat’s core into many other ancillary products (ACES2Print and MyCarParts, etc.) and I believe we are just touching the surface. One example is how quickly we were able to get our Sport division product line data into Evokat and ACES2Print by feeding off the work done on our aftermarket data. I can envision so much more now than I could when we first started. You certainly have a friend in Brembo.”

“Evokat started as a vehicle for our company to integrate our catalog data into the ACES standard. After two years of active use and collaboration with Illumaware, Evokat has evolved to become an integral part of our business. I view it not just as catalog software, but as a living, breathing component of each part that we sell. What is central to its success are the men and women who support Evokat. Their commitment to allow Evokat to grow to meet the constantly changing environment of our aftermarket is beyond compare and very much appreciated by our company.”

“Evokat requires 5-7 days per month of a Catalog Manager’s time to ensure Cloyes data remains compliant against an ever-changing ACES standard. Our Legacy system required constant daily attention from Cloyes’ Catalog Manager. Using Evokat represents about a 75% productivity improvement.”

“Illumaware has guided us through the entire ACES and PIES process we needed to send our data to Amazon Automotive and our other trading partners. They understand customer service. The Managing Partner has taken my calls at his home on the weekend to answer our customer service questions.”

“Illumaware delivers a quality product with unparalleled customer support at a modest price.”