Like the AAIA, NAPA Auto Parts has its own vehicle configuration standard. NAPA’s standard, which is called PARTS PRO, is the result of decades of comprehensive research into any vehicle with wheels, except airplanes. The data standard is published regularly to approved parts suppliers and catalog technology vendors that have signed a non-disclosure agreement with NAPA.

In addition to the vehicle configuration standard they developed, NAPA has very strict standards in terms of the quality of data they will accept from their suppliers. They’ve created a series of detailed data validations that are performed on every NAPA PARTS PRO file that is received. The NAPA catalog team measures each file for accuracy, and will annotate and possibly reject any file that contains over-mapped data. Additionally, files are checked for inconsistently mapped data, which NAPA refers to as Counterman Errors. In order for a file to be accepted by the NAPA catalog team, it is necessary to submit a data file that will pass these validations.

Evokat, Illumaware’s online do-it-yourself data authoring, management, and distribution system, automatically tracks inconsistently mapped data and presents errors that require correction in a simple point-and-click interface. Over-mapped data is automatically stripped out at reporting time, saving the user the need to edit hundreds or thousands of records. Evokat’s technology duplicates the validations in place at NAPA, so that NAPA PARTS PRO files generated from Evokat will pass validation when they arrive at NAPA.

New users can upload existing NAPA PARTS PRO data files to Evokat, where the data is stored in Evokat’s data structures and revalidated. The NAPA PARTS PRO data structures and vehicle configuration expressions are significantly different from those of AAIA ACES, so there is no “magic bridge” that will allow data to cascade from one standard to the other. Mapping to each standard must be done separately. However, Evokat delivers the same mapping and reporting interfaces for all data standards. Therefore, catalog managers are not required to learn two separate technologies to accomplish the same tasks for differing data standards.


Illumaware’s goal is to automate as many rote tasks as possible for the catalog manager, allowing Evokat users to focus on those tasks where their considerable auto parts cataloging expertise is required.

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