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Help Center

At Illumaware, we do not like to be regarded as a typical solution providers. Our goal is to be a Solution Partner, engaging with you to understand your goals, challenges, and opportunities to determine how we can best support with your efforts. As partners, we can work together to avoid the known obstacles and reach your destination as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We Empower You

Our partners maintain complete control and ownership of their data, from the point of authoring to distribution. We do not sell, share, or leverage your data in any way.

We Enable You

We do not ‘nickel and dime’ our partners with fees for running reports, put governors in place between them and their data, or attempt to inject ourselves into channel partner relationships.

We Support You

If anyone needs help, we are there, but because we offer a web-based software as a service solution, our partners have complete access to their business asset whenever and wherever they need it.

We help navigate the ever-changing landscape of the auto care industry.