Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Who We Are

Illumaware was founded in 2004. The men and women of Illumaware’s management team have been together for over 10 years. Adrian Klingel, Founder, developed the original Product Information Standard (PIES) XML standard while at CARQUEST. Bruce Speicher, our Managing Partner, owned a successful Management Consulting firm for 25 years before investing in Illumaware.

Ralph Bowen joined us from an extensive background in technology sales to become our VP of Sales & Marketing. Brian Williams spent 9 years with CARQUEST working as an Application Development Manager before joining Illumaware as Chief Technology Officer. Brenda Heinitz, our Catalog Director, came to us from a lengthy background in customer service. Richelle Baer left her job in banking to become Illumaware’s Finance Director.


Our Vision

We want to be your business partner navigating the ever-changing landscape of the auto care industry without being an intrusive presence, getting between you and your Trading Partners. In order to make this partnership work, we’ve built Evokat Premier to give you as much control over your data as you need, backed by knowledgeable support people to answer your technical and tactical questions about the rules that govern the aftermarket.

Our customers will tell you that Evokat is versatile enough to handle the needs of a business person completely new to the aftermarket, while simultaneously accommodating the functionality and support demanded by someone who is very knowledgeable and has been in the aftermarket for decades.