Our Promise

Our Promise

Our Promise To You

Time spent investigating Illumaware will give you valuable insight into marketing your products in the automotive aftermarket, whether you choose our mousetrap, or someone else’s. If we’re not the right fit, we will point you in the right direction. We value your time, as well as ours.

Evokat Premier, our flagship product, has evolved over the last twenty years. This industry-leading solution, with its associated tools, is easier than ever to use from anywhere in the world. Scheduled transmission of your latest brand information, to meet different trading partner requirements, is done quickly and accurately. We offer a complimentary Y/M/M lookup that can be embedded in your website and linked to a shopping cart. Speed to market kills the competition and we would like to help you bury the bodies.

Evokat Premier is a Do It Yourself tool, backed by an industry knowledgeable customer support team, that will answer your questions and guide you through the cataloging process. We consider your catalog efforts a joint partnership. However, if you are resource-strapped and want someone to do the cataloging for you, we can point you in the direction of qualified contract catalog managers who are experienced in the use of Evokat Premier.

We promise to be here for you when and however you need us.