Evokat Premier

Evokat Premier

Modern Catalog Authoring & Publishing Solutions

Premier provides an ultra flexible approach to product information that allows you to provide unique sets of data to your receivers, allowing you to manage all of their disparate requests in one place.

It is an Illumaware tradition to allow you to have complete flexibility over how you identify and define your fitment definitions, and with a revamped authoring process, it is easier than ever to build your catalog how you want it.

Evokat Premier offers:

  • Intuitive Design Mirrors ACA Standards
  • Customizable Authoring and Reporting
  • Cost Effective Data Management Solutions
  • Flexibility, Ease of use and Exceptional Customer Service
Evokat Premier

Stays Up-To-Date For You

Evokat Premier stays up-to-date with the latest industry releases. One less thing for you to have to worry about.


Learn It Fast - Rapid Onboarding

ACESAdvantage is our own in-house solution for migrating raw data into a well structured ACES catalog.


Custom Branded Electronic Catalog

We want to help your business grow, which is why we include our eCatalog platform with any Evokat subscription.


Reusable Print Catalog Layouts

Application and Buyers Guides populated directly from Evokat Premier. Reusable print catalog layouts configured.

Benefits of Evokat Premier

Check out all the benefits of choosing Evokat Premier as your authoring solution.

We want to be your business partner navigating the ever-changing landscape of the auto care industry.


Best Data-Authoring Tool

Illumaware has the best data-authoring tool I’ve seen in the industry. Evokat impressed me during the demo and continues to do so today.

Cal Settle