Evokat Premier

Evokat Premier

Modern Catalog Authoring & Publishing Solutions

Premier provides an ultra flexible approach to product information that allows you to provide unique sets of data to your receivers, allowing you to manage all of their disparate requests in one place.

It is an Illumaware tradition to allow you to have complete flexibility over how you identify and define your fitment definitions, and with a revamped authoring process, it is easier than ever to build your catalog how you want it.

Evokat Premier offers:

  • Intuitive Design Mirrors ACA Standards
  • Customizable Authoring and Reporting
  • Cost Effective Data Management Solutions
  • Flexibility, Ease of use and Exceptional Customer Service
Evokat Premier

Stays Up-To-Date For You

Evokat Premier stays up-to-date with the latest industry releases. One less thing for you to have to worry about.


Learn It Fast - Rapid Onboarding

ACESAdvantage is our own in-house solution for migrating raw data into a well structured ACES catalog.


Custom Branded Electronic Catalog

We want to help your business grow, which is why we include our eCatalog platform with any Evokat subscription.


Reusable Print Catalog Layouts

Application and Buyers Guides populated directly from Evokat Premier. Reusable print catalog layouts configured.

Benefits of Evokat Premier

Check out all the benefits of choosing Evokat Premier as your authoring solution.

Software as a Service

Evokat Premier leverages SaaS to be the best data creation, maintenance and distribution tool in the automotive aftermarket.

  • Online access ensures Evokat users can manage their data from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.
  • A cloud based solution means you don’t have to purchase or maintain any additional hardware or software to use Evokat, just an Internet connection.
  • Our scalable business model works equally well for companies that sell a hand full of products or tens of thousands of them. Pay only for what you need.
  • 12 month subscriptions let you avoid long term financial commitments.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Evokat Premier® is a Do-It-Yourself aftermarket tool we back with the best customer service in the industry. Illumaware is more than salesmen and programmers. We have an experienced customer support team that is available to assist you with continuous changes to the ACA’s standards, along with increased Trading Partner demands for greater compliance to their internal requirements.

We help you make informed decisions that result in:

  • Increased speed to market. Customers can’t buy what they can’t see.
  • Fewer lost sales to competitors who have better data.
  • Reduced incidents of undamaged returns.
  • More time to focus on the quality of your brand’s catalog.

Catalog Management Services

Illumaware provides catalog management services, backed by decades of industry experience, for clients with Do It For Me needs. Many owners of small to mid size companies don’t need a full time Catalog Manager to maintain their data, but don’t have the time to do it themselves. These Evokat Premier customers engage our Catalog Management Services team to provide catalog management at an hourly rate. 

Data Security

State of the art hardware and data security measures protect Evokat Premier in a highly available virtual environment, within a tier 3 data center located in Raleigh, North Carolina and a warm secondary site in Illinois, with an estimated 15 minute recovery time.

This means your data is safer with us than it would be in your own facility.

Illumaware has partnered with TierPoint, an industry leader in data storage management. TierPoint’s Raleigh, NC Data Service Center provides state of the art cloud storage solutions, that come with a number of:

TierPoint-Server-HallProtection Features

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Anti Virus / Anti-Malware Protection
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Access Control Lists
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • DDoS Protection
  • Secure Networks With BYOD Polices
  • Protection From Natural Disasters
  • HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliant

Illumaware Technical Support

Software and database updates are made behind the scenes for you, allowing your team to focus on what is really important, managing the quality of your aftermarket data.


Evokat Premier is driven by the latest versions of the databases that govern our industry, and the knowledge they contain is at your fingertips throughout the application. Our live vehicle mapping interface provides immediate feedback showing the vehicle configurations that match your target set of attributes, while Insight Archives provide visibility into both past and present releases for reference purposes.


Our solution gives you visibility into all of the vehicle types currently being published, including:
Cars, Light Truck, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck, ATV, Motorcycle, and Marine; as well as suggestions on product attributes that are common to your product types. And that is just from the ACA Standards.


Your fitment records are a critical business asset, yet anyone who is being honest about authoring automotive catalogs in today’s world will describe it, at best, as trying to hit a moving target. Every month new vehicles are added and existing vehicles redefined. Every month new research changes existing OE fitment patterns; while opening new trading channels adds additional data requirements.

Because of these changes, regular health checks, of both your ACES data, if applicable, are necessary to ensure the viability of your catalog. Evokat Premier gives you the ability to initiate complete health checks of both application and product data, accompanied by intuitive interfaces necessary to quickly locate and resolve any issues found.


Coverage metrics are a critical component of building your catalog, from both a vehicle and product perspective. Evokat Premier leverages easy to understand charts, where possible, to illustrate opportunities to add data more in line with your coverage goals.

From a vehicle perspective, coverage is compared against standard knowledge bases, like the VCdb, to locate gaps that represent missed sales opportunities. With respect to product information, you can measure your completeness against Illumaware best practices or standards that you define, based on your own priorities.

Application Fitment

Leverage complete versions of the leading fitment knowledge bases to define, manage, and score your catalog coverage.

Evokat Premier connects you to every vehicle type currently being published in the VCdb, from light to heavy duty, and from agriculture to marine, as well as to product resources provided in the PCdb and PAdb without the need to secure additional subscriptions. A collection of primarily “research” based views into the standards, combined with easy to use authoring interfaces, delivers on our promise of a “one-stop” data solution in support of the auto care industry.

Our solution supports the needs of OE’s, which often have fitment information ahead of the ACA.

Hitting Your Target

Managing an aftermarket catalog is truly a never-ending task. Every month, changes are made to the vehicle and product definitions that are used to generate ACES and PIES XML files. These changes impact your catalog in a manner that we often compare to having milk in the refrigerator. One month, your catalog is clean and healthy, but if ignored long enough, some of your records will spoil over time as vehicles and part types are redefined by the industry.

To mitigate this effect, every Evokat Premier catalog is revalidated against the standards as they are released, and issues are presented to Catalog Managers via clean and actionable dashboards. Where possible, Evokat Premier offers clear resolution paths to ease the impact of these moving targets.

Map It Your Way

Every product type is different in some way, and those differences are often reflected in the way that fitment is defined for each part. Our mapping process is completely configurable, allowing you to decide if a simple Year/Make/Model definition is sufficient, or if your parts required additional levels of detail by adding engines, fuel types, body styles, and more.

Partnered with Motor Information Systems? Receiving fitment data from suppliers? Wanting to share fitment across similar products? Evokat Premier can support each of these approaches by creating associations between parts and even across catalogs. Easily incorporating these external resources into your mapping strategy can help to get the most value out of all your partnerships.

Product Branding

Provides the flexibility necessary to market your products in multiple marketplaces, under multiple brand names.

 Message Clarity

Consistency across product data is a critical factor in ensuring that your brand message is being clearly communicated and well received. Evokat Premier makes use of several centralized “resource libraries” to reduce the likelihood of common data entry errors and to ensure that all of your product data is authored as consistently as possible.

We present the full range of PIES XML supported data elements so that you can define exactly what information you want to provide about your products. We also provide tips along the way to help educate our users on best practices and known deviations from the standard by common trading partners.

Product Data Metrics

Product data health and coverage is equally as important as vehicle coverage, but frequently takes a back seat due to the more aggressive assessment processes in place for fitment data. We work to elevate these issues by capturing metrics on the completeness of your product data elements as well as checking for common product data related issues.

Brand Targeting

Whether it is due to private label requirements or the custom data demands of your channel partners, in today’s marketplace you need flexibility to tailor product information to unique branding requirements. Evokat Premier delivers on our promise of being a “source of truth” for your ACES and PIES data by allowing brand specific overrides of any PIES data element, as well as targeting of select ACES fitment notes.

If your branding requirements go beyond currently approved PIES elements, we also support an unlimited amount of custom product data points that can be leveraged by your internal systems via custom reports.

Catalog Ownership

Your data is your business asset. You have access to it 24/7/365.
We don’t put barriers between you and your trading partners.

Data Exports

Evokat Premier offers an extensive, and continuously expanding, library of report formats at your fingertips. As an Evokat subscriber, you can customize reports to include the content you want, set up a schedule to regenerate them automatically, and even manage the distribution of that data via email or FTP channels. Since we respect the fact that your catalog is YOUR business asset, we ensure that every bit of data is available to you via the report library whenever you want it. We do not put barriers between you and your data.

Our library grows based on the changing needs of the industry. When any channel partner places a new requirement on any of our partners, everyone benefits by getting access to the newly written report format.  If you have a need and can’t figure out which report is the best fit, we can help point you in the right direction or else we will build something new.

Regular Assessments

Managing a catalog can feel a lot like playing a game of “Whack-A-Mole” at times. Every problem you solve, another pops up. While we can’t solve all of your cataloging challenges for you, we can help by providing clear information and metrics to identify problem areas before they come back to you as part of a time sensitive assessment.

Dashboards showing the health and depth of both your fitment and product data are regenerated on a regular basis and can also be refreshed by our users. Issues are grouped by degree of severity and resolution paths are provided, where possible, to bring your data back in line with the standards as quickly as possible.

Bulk Data

Catalog challenges come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases, the surgical precision of changing individual records is the right tool for the task, but in other cases a different approach is needed. For those bigger jobs, Catalog Managers can make use of a set of bulk load/change tools to make broader changes to their catalogs.

Our bulk load interface provides a path to add or update vehicle definitions and product data, such as interchange, prices, descriptions and more, via a guided process, complete with change previews and quality checks along the way. Our bulk load options have been an indispensable tool for all users, but especially so for catalog teams that are being stretched thin on resources, but still recognize the critical importance of this business asset.

We want to be your business partner navigating the ever-changing landscape of the auto care industry.


Best Data-Authoring Tool

Illumaware has the best data-authoring tool I’ve seen in the industry. Evokat impressed me during the demo and continues to do so today.

Cal Settle