Application Fitment

Leverage complete versions of the leading fitment knowledge bases to define, manage, and score your catalog coverage.

Evokat Premier connects you to every vehicle type currently being published in the VCdb, from light to heavy duty, and from agriculture to marine, as well as to product resources provided in the PCdb and PAdb without the need to secure additional subscriptions. A collection of primarily “research” based views into the standards, combined with easy to use authoring interfaces, delivers on our promise of a “one-stop” data solution in support of the auto care industry.

Our solution supports the needs of OE’s, which often have fitment information ahead of the ACA.

Hitting Your Target

Managing an aftermarket catalog is truly a never-ending task. Every month, changes are made to the vehicle and product definitions that are used to generate ACES and PIES XML files. These changes impact your catalog in a manner that we often compare to having milk in the refrigerator. One month, your catalog is clean and healthy, but if ignored long enough, some of your records will spoil over time as vehicles and part types are redefined by the industry.

To mitigate this effect, every Evokat Premier catalog is revalidated against the standards as they are released, and issues are presented to Catalog Managers via clean and actionable dashboards. Where possible, Evokat Premier offers clear resolution paths to ease the impact of these moving targets.

Map It Your Way

Every product type is different in some way, and those differences are often reflected in the way that fitment is defined for each part. Our mapping process is completely configurable, allowing you to decide if a simple Year/Make/Model definition is sufficient, or if your parts required additional levels of detail by adding engines, fuel types, body styles, and more.

Partnered with Motor Information Systems? Receiving fitment data from suppliers? Wanting to share fitment across similar products? Evokat Premier can support each of these approaches by creating associations between parts and even across catalogs. Easily incorporating these external resources into your mapping strategy can help to get the most value out of all your partnerships.

Indispensable Tool

We have used Evokat to manage our product catalog for many years now, and we have found it indispensable in giving our customers the latest industry wide application terminology for our products.  Eliminating application redundancy and customer confusion is another cornerstone to this indispensable tool.

APDI Product Management Team