Product Branding

Provides the flexibility necessary to market your products in multiple marketplaces, under multiple brand names.

 Message Clarity

Consistency across product data is a critical factor in ensuring that your brand message is being clearly communicated and well received. Evokat Premier makes use of several centralized “resource libraries” to reduce the likelihood of common data entry errors and to ensure that all of your product data is authored as consistently as possible.

We present the full range of PIES XML supported data elements so that you can define exactly what information you want to provide about your products. We also provide tips along the way to help educate our users on best practices and known deviations from the standard by common trading partners.

Product Data Metrics

Product data health and coverage is equally as important as vehicle coverage, but frequently takes a back seat due to the more aggressive assessment processes in place for fitment data. We work to elevate these issues by capturing metrics on the completeness of your product data elements as well as checking for common product data related issues.

Brand Targeting

Whether it is due to private label requirements or the custom data demands of your channel partners, in today’s marketplace you need flexibility to tailor product information to unique branding requirements. Evokat Premier delivers on our promise of being a “source of truth” for your ACES and PIES data by allowing brand specific overrides of any PIES data element, as well as targeting of select ACES fitment notes.

If your branding requirements go beyond currently approved PIES elements, we also support an unlimited amount of custom product data points that can be leveraged by your internal systems via custom reports.

Love the system

Evokat Premier is definitely everything they say it is. Love the system.

William "Bill” Shutt Director of Marketing and Sales