Evokat Premier is driven by the latest versions of the databases that govern our industry, and the knowledge they contain is at your fingertips throughout the application. Our live vehicle mapping interface provides immediate feedback showing the vehicle configurations that match your target set of attributes, while Insight Archives provide visibility into both past and present releases for reference purposes.


Our solution gives you visibility into all of the vehicle types currently being published, including:
Cars, Light Truck, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck, ATV, Motorcycle, and Marine; as well as suggestions on product attributes that are common to your product types. And that is just from the ACA Standards.


Your fitment records are a critical business asset, yet anyone who is being honest about authoring automotive catalogs in today’s world will describe it, at best, as trying to hit a moving target. Every month new vehicles are added and existing vehicles redefined. Every month new research changes existing OE fitment patterns; while opening new trading channels adds additional data requirements.

Because of these changes, regular health checks, of both your ACES data, if applicable, are necessary to ensure the viability of your catalog. Evokat Premier gives you the ability to initiate complete health checks of both application and product data, accompanied by intuitive interfaces necessary to quickly locate and resolve any issues found.


Coverage metrics are a critical component of building your catalog, from both a vehicle and product perspective. Evokat Premier leverages easy to understand charts, where possible, to illustrate opportunities to add data more in line with your coverage goals.

From a vehicle perspective, coverage is compared against standard knowledge bases, like the VCdb, to locate gaps that represent missed sales opportunities. With respect to product information, you can measure your completeness against Illumaware best practices or standards that you define, based on your own priorities.

Fill Holes In The Data We Receive

The AAM Group™ chose Illumaware’s Evokat service to create supplemental product data for our ACES and PIES catalog. Specifically, Evokat will help us fill holes in the data we receive from our data partners, as well as enhance the loading of new parts into PACE™, our custom B2B cataloging and ordering system.

Tim Odom, President
The AAM Group™