Brand Information Management and Cataloging


Illumaware’s Evokat Premier online tools and services saved us a lot of time and money versus building our own internal solution. After more than a year, we continue to gain sales increases and new business, attributable in large part to our catalog data accuracy and speed to market. They showed us how to make the most of brand information management and cataloging.

Jeff Coggins - Vice President

Best Data-Authoring Tool


Illumaware has the best data-authoring tool I’ve seen in the industry. Evokat impressed me during the demo and continues to do so today.

Cal Settle

I Was Blown Away


I was blown away when we started using Evokat – it was exactly the solution we were looking for. Evokat makes it incredibly easy to add new SKUs, map fitment information, and export in ACES, PIES, or any other format that our customers might need. The fact that Evokat is hosted in a cloud was a major selling point for us. There is no software or servers to maintain – we just log on using a web browser and it’s always there without any IT headaches to worry about.

We tried most of the other solutions out there and nothing else comes close. Evokat is the most valuable piece of software that an aftermarket company can use – it pays for itself in spades.

Zack Kanter, CEO

Integral Part of our Business


Evokat has evolved to become an integral part of our business. I view it not just as catalog software, but as a living, breathing component of each part that we sell. What is central to its success are the men and women who support Evokat.

Nicole Gilmore Beyer, Owner

Invaluable Extension Of Our Catalog


Illumaware has been an invaluable extension of our catalog team for the last 10 years. When we have cataloging issues that require an immediate response for our trading partners, I feel at ease knowing I can call multiple people at Illumaware for a quick resolution. They know the standards and all the players in our industry.

James Bond, Product Manager

Fill Holes In The Data We Receive


The AAM Group™ chose Illumaware’s Evokat service to create supplemental product data for our ACES and PIES catalog. Specifically, Evokat will help us fill holes in the data we receive from our data partners, as well as enhance the loading of new parts into PACE™, our custom B2B cataloging and ordering system.

Tim Odom, President
The AAM Group™

Indispensable Tool


We have used Evokat to manage our product catalog for many years now, and we have found it indispensable in giving our customers the latest industry wide application terminology for our products.  Eliminating application redundancy and customer confusion is another cornerstone to this indispensable tool.

APDI Product Management Team

Important Step Forward

Sure Logo

Your hard work and special attention on the Sure Filter ACES to print catalog project ensured we can get it submitted to a printing agency in time for AAPEX. Your efforts helped Sure Filter take an important step forward in getting a proper printed catalogue compliant to ACES standards. Our entire project team is truly grateful.

Ivan Malakhov, Product Director

Fantastic Help


After a lot work, and Illumaware’s help with bulk updates, we finally completed all of the requirements to reach SEMA Data Coop’s Gold level of certification. I really appreciate the fantastic help from Illumaware and look forward to more milestones in the future.

Jeff Hermann, Product Manager
Fox Factory